New adaptive optic slides into view

Well, it's been fairly quiet of late on the technology front, but one recent development has just caught my attention. The launch of Eyejusters' SlideLens glasses.

Eyejuster's are a UK based firm who have created an alternative to the liquid filled adaptive optics we discussed earlier. The concept is, as these things often are, remarkable simple in nature. Using two lenses in close contact with apparent reverse geometry a wide gammut of refractive powers can be achieved.

correction of hyperopia through SlideLens
The final product

Some limited research has been done into the efficacy of self-refraction. The main study, Self-optimised vision correction with adaptive spectacle lenses in developing countries, is handily available online through the college as it's published in Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics (OPO). It's from 2004 and is a piece of research concerning liquid filled adaptive optics in spherical correction. Notably no significant discussion of astigmatism takes place. Though methodology to discuss avoiding over minusing is.

I certainly think that adaptive optic ideas such as Eyejuster's SlideLens and the AdSpecs liquid systems are a good way forward for the developing world, but with the cost of lenses plummeting and autorefractive techniques simplifying how much longer there is a market for reduced accuracy spectacles remains to be seen.

Source: Eyejusters

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