Online sight testing

To celebrate their 100th anniversary of making precision lenses Carl Zeiss Vision have online screening tool.
The online vision screening tool claims to assess three areas of our visual ability: binocular acuity, binocular contrast sensitivity and binocular colour vision. The screen size is calibrated using a familiar credit card sizing mechanism to ensure that, at least, the optotypes are accurate. Brightness and distance can also be controlled.
Laudably Zeiss have insisted that you agree to reading the bit about "not being a replacement for eye-examinations" prior to taking the test.

The screening itself uses the Landolt ring and tumbling E's tests allowing for quick responses through arrow presses on the keyboard. I flew through it in a matter of seconds although it did say I have a contrast sensitivity issue, which I find suprising (though I suspect I wrongly calibrated the brightness grid at the beginning).

Is this a sign of how screening is going? Or even how sight testing will be done in 10 years time?


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