Online sight testing

To celebrate their 100th anniversary of making precision lenses Carl Zeiss Vision have online screening tool.

Augmented Reality News: Google glasses suddenly lose functionality

In a move which the observant among us would have seen coming (it was in the name of the video after all) Google have stripped the upcoming Project Glass / Google Glasses of the cool features shown, though they will come "one day". Google have confirmed that the previous full visual field filling display shown in the video is going to be far from reality for at least a while.

Pushing the (parallax) barrier: 3D Technology

Before we take a look at the impact of stereoscopic displays on the visual system it is important for us to look at the differing designs currently on the market. The most prominent two systems can be classified as with glasses and without glasses. Today we will discuss the options for without glasses.

Wavefront technology: coming to a smartphone near you

In the last few years there has been an increasing trend of Shack-Hartmann wavefront technology being incorporated into auto-refractors, such as the Zeiss iProfilerPlus and Topcon KR-1W. This is helping to give practitioners a more accurate impression of the refractive status of patients, proving especially useful for those with particular vision requirements.
                                                                                    Today we will look at both the basic principles behind Shack-Hartmann wavefront aberrometry and also a really exciting development in its use.

App Review: iSight Test by Kay pictures

Once in a while there comes along an app which sounds like it should be essential purchase. The official Kay pictures chart app is now available on the iOS App Store. It's clearly aimed at both the home/non-professional market and the optometric market alike, so does it still hold up to the physical charts? Was it worth the wait? 

Find out after the break in this weeks app review.

The future's already being printed

Further to my previous post on the possibility of 3D printed glasses, I've unearthed some companies already doing it and a growing trend for this in the Fashion industry.

In February 2012's Fashion Week there was a display by a designer called Asher Levine. Can you guess what he was showing?

Adaptive optics

On a continuing theme from yesterday, we look at a basic form of adaptive optics. I won't write much on this as the video after the break handily says all I need! Still convinced sale of spectacles is the future for optometry?

Want to print your own spectacles?

Today I'm going to talk a little about a future technology that most optometrists and dispensing opticians won't have heard about, but its a major issue, that is 3D printing..