Corning considering Gorilla Glass-es.

Corning, the firm responsible for Gorilla and Willow glass are considering the potential for Gorilla glass products in the ophthalmic market. No information is available as to what form this might take as of now, however, in a statement to Techoptom earlier today Corning stated "The Corning Ophthalmic business is currently evaluating if a value proposition exists for Gorilla® Glass in the optical industry. If the on-going evaluation provides positive results, Corning will evaluate how to bring Gorilla in the ophthalmic industry."

So it's early days, but Gorilla Glasses might just be a reality in the near future.

Ultra-high-definition standards set

At a recent meeting of the International Telecommunications Union the standards for new Ultra-HD has been set. Its an incredible 4320p or 16x more resolution than current 1080p sets. For those number crunchers out there thats a resolution of 7680x4320. If you've just bought a new Retina screen mac-book pro and are quaking at the thought of it being low definition so soon don't panic. The first Super-HD set (a measely 2160p, 4x 1080p resolution or 3840x2160 for those number fans) is set to be released at some point next year for an eye-watering price of $80,000.

With resolutions that high who's hoping the ophthalmic technology improves for patients to be able to enjoy vision that good?

Corning taking their Gorilla to Florida

Having been providing some glass solutions since 1968 (responsible for the first glass photo-chromic technology) and having been the driving force behind the invention of 1.9n glass back in 1991 it seems that the makers of Gorilla glass, Corning, are going to be displaying at the Florida's Vision Preview 2012 event.

They'll be on hand to display their optical wares and seem to be making noises towared the optical sector. Hopefully they can bring some of the Gorilla glass and Willow glass innovations to the optometric sector.

We've asked Corning for comments on this area and are awaiting a response.

Source: Corning