67 year old man regains stereopsis from watching a 3D movie

A bit of a light hearted post this from the depths of the internet, yet another neuroscientist has magically regained stereopsis, this time, not through undertaking vision therapy at age 48 but simply by watching a Scorsese film...

App Review: Crossed Cylinders

"Crossed Cylinders makes adding cylindrical lenses easy." says the blurb on the app store page, but does it? Find out in this edition of App Review.

Socialeyes: What is social media and why the # should I care?

From looking at user requests and various data I’ve gathered there’s a suprising number of practitioners out there who are not au fait with modern interactive technologies such as social media. In this series I hope to be able to break down a few of those barriers and show you a few ways in which you can utilise social media effectively in your business.

Love it or loath it websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler are becoming ever more popular methods of sharing news and reviews but are you looking at how to utilise them for your practise? Today I hope to provide a brief summary of what social media sites are and the concepts behind them.