Augmented Reality: Unlock that saccade

More Project glass news has been uncovered today with yet another patent filing from Mountain View. The patent covers a method for locking and unlocking your device "...using eye tracking information...". Interestingly several methods are discussed in the patent which would make accidental unlocking with a condition such as nystagmus unlikely. Saccadic movements and pursuit movements are incorporated as options, presumably for user preference. Detection of how far a user has read in a text passage will be used to scroll through the text.

This development isn't surprising given the glasses design and single touchpad approach. Making an eye movement gesture and then taking a photo with a second gesture on the touchpad or by winking etc would mean a fluid interface.

Source: USPTO

Socialeyes: It could be a real tweet

Twitter is a social media platform which continues to gain traction and following at an incredible pace. With recent rumours suggesting Apple is looking to invest heavily in the platform its future as a main player looks certain for come time to come. Do you know how to use it for your business?

Augmented Reality: Project Glass News

Its been fairly quiet since April on the Google glasses front but at the recent Google I/O conference a veritable torrent of information came out.