All Eye's On Frontiers in Optics

Between the 14th and 18th October 'Frontiers in Optics' is underway and one particular presentation is sure to grab every optometrist's attention. A new contact lens to control myopic development is being revealed in detail.

The preliminary press release on The Optical Society's website explains the lens, developed by Dr Troilo and colleagues at the State University of New York, is a specially modified multifocal which they found 'changed eye growth and refractive state, or focus, in a predictable way.' The lens is designed to be worn by very early myopes or high risk patients and it will actually help guide the development of the eye.

We'll find out more on Wednesday 17th at 8am EDT when the presentation happens. Until then the press release is after the break.

Artificial Cornea's

After a very dry month for innovative optometric related technology news this development from Fraunhofer research group looks to be an opening gambit on technology silly-season.