January Digest

Life has a way of getting inbetween me and my musings. Since last time I have opened a new practice and been blessed with the arrival of baby girl; as such unfortunately I've been lax in posting on here.

Anyway, it's been a very eventful January both for me and the world of technology. Let's catch up after the break!


Major events of note have been the revelations by Google that they are releasing a contact lens which is aimed at monitoring the glucose levels in tears. The end goal is to make it as easy to use as a daily lens though the prototype is the size of a semi-limbal design. It will be a while before this is out but I'm sure there are many diabetics who would much rather this than the daily rig-moral of the finger prick test.

In other Google news those rumoured frames for Project Glass have been revealed. There are four designs, each priced at $225 in the States, no UK pricing has been revealed. I'll do a separate post for this with all the details but they look good, are made of titanium and make the otherwise conspicuous Google Glass dongle somewhat more inconspicuous-ish.

I did say -ish.
In other tech news which might have an impact on optometry the rise of mobile payment platforms is ever marching, something I'll try and cover in more detail in the future and finally...EyeNetra is back, with over $2 million in funding from well known Silicon Valley backer Vinod Khosla, who in an interview with MIT Technology Review went on record saying that they see patient's diagnosing their refraction themselves in the near future and optometrists acting "more as a coach". Hopefully the GOC will hold it's ground when the time comes.

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