It's been a while...

Hi all,

Short post.

First, i'm not dead. I have been working on some bits that have required all my time, hence the down time here. Sorry, but that's life. Thanks to my new pc life is looking a bit more manageable and I can post from wherever I am; so good or bad news depending on if you've enjoyed the content so far!

So, what's the plan for Techoptom now?  In the next few weeks I hope to get a review of the Kowa WDx 3D retinal camera up, a few app reviews and a few digest/editorial pieces. I'm also in the process of thinking about a site redesign - those of you who run websites know how long those things take, so we shall see! Here at Techoptom towers there are a few things in the pipeline that I can't discuss now, but what I will say, is that is should appeal to most UK based optometrists.

If you have any requests or suggestions for the site please either tweet them to @techoptom or email them to

Until then,
David F