67 year old man regains stereopsis from watching a 3D movie

A bit of a light hearted post this from the depths of the internet, yet another neuroscientist has magically regained stereopsis, this time, not through undertaking vision therapy at age 48 but simply by watching a Scorsese film...

 As reported by Yahoo UK Movie News the gentleman has been stereoblind all his life due to a non-specified form of amblyopia. Somehow, when watching Hugo he suddenly regained his stereopsis and it stuck afterwards. Obviously his amblyopia did not develop until later in childhood as he has binocularly receptive cells in his cortex.

 Aside from cynicism that this effect only ever seems to be reported in neuroscientists (the other widely publicised case being Sue Barry) it does bring into question the current orthoptic wisdom of never break suppression in later developing longstanding strabismic deviations.

Source: Yahoo UK

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